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Carpet cleaning - Do you need your carpet cleaned?   Do you want stains, odor removed?

A preliminary preparation is carried our initially, which includes vacuuming of the larger particles. With the help of a spray-extractor, a shampooing of the carpet flooring is carried out, which is actually applying a mixture of detergent and water on it. After some technological time, necessary for the activation of the detergent, the so-called “deep extraction” is carried out (water under pressure is injected and then vacuumed). This technology results in the deep cleaning of the carpet flooring with actual removal of all kinds of stains.

Thanks to the qualitative equipment and detergents used by Golden Cleaners, a maximum cleaning effect is achieved, without any possibility of a damage done to your carpet floorings and surfaces. Our operators are qualified to offer the most qualitative service.

Golden Cleaners services specialize in cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery.

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